About Us

Welcome to 18Feathers – Where Passion Meets Precision!

Nestled in the heart of picturesque Camden, Alabama, 18Feathers took flight in May 2018. Our journey was sparked by a shared love for the art of turkey hunting and an unwavering desire to create something extraordinary.

Our Craftsmanship: At 18Feathers, we are master craftsmen, specializing in the creation of meticulously handcrafted custom turkey calls. Each call is a testament to our unbridled passion for turkey hunting, embodying the essence of our dedication. Beyond being hunting tools, our calls are genuine works of art, meticulously designed to enhance your hunting experience.

Our Mission: We are hunters, just like you. Our mission is straightforward: to provide fellow enthusiasts with top-quality turkey calls that bring you closer to the wild and elevate your hunting success. Our calls transcend mere instruments; they are your trusted companions in the field.


Austin Eicher

Austin's journey is not just about building a brand but also about sharing his love for turkey hunting with like-minded individuals. He understands the importance of quality calls in connecting hunters with the wild and amplifying their hunting success. He believes in giving back to the environment and ensuring that future generations can enjoy the thrill of turkey hunting. Austin's story is one of passion, craftsmanship, and dedication to the world of turkey hunting. With 18Feathers, he continues to leave his mark on the hunting community by providing top-quality calls that embody the spirit of the sport.

18Feathers pro staff

Trey Stoudenmier

Trey is not just a passionate turkey hunter; he's the mastermind behind putting 18Feathers turkey calls through their paces. His unwavering commitment to the craft of call testing sets the bar high for call quality. Trey is a dedicated professional who has found his calling in the world of forestry at Smith Timber. With a profound love for nature and a deep understanding of forest ecosystems, Trey's role as a forester allows him to merge his passion with his career.

18feathers pro staff

Grant Gaston

Grant Gaston is a true woodsman, embodying the essence of woodsmanship in every venture. With an innate understanding of the wilderness and a keen sense of the outdoors, Grant navigates the woods with grace and precision. His ability to read turkey, landscape, and adapt to the challenges of nature sets him apart as a master of woodsmanship.

18 Feathers Pro staff

Nathan Shipps

Nathan Shipps, a native of Northwest Florida, is a devoted turkey hunter whose passion for the sport has been a constant thread in his life. His love for turkey hunting began early, becoming an integral part of his identity. Beyond the hunt, Nathan is a staunch advocate for conservation and sustainable hunting practices, driven by a profound respect for the environment and wildlife. In this dual role of hunter and conservationist, Nathan Shipps stands as a dedicated guardian of the sport, ensuring its future and the protection of natural habitats for generations to come.

18feathers pro staff

Kevin "Swerve" Gibson

Kevin "Swerve" Gibson is a dedicated turkey hunter with a passion that runs deep. Known for his uncanny ability to outwit even the wiliest of gobblers, Kevin's enthusiasm for turkey hunting is contagious. His extensive knowledge of turkey behavior, mastery of calls, and knack for reading the woods have made him a true expert in the field. Kevin's passion extends beyond the hunt; he's a conservation advocate, sharing his love for the wild turkey and the importance of responsible hunting practices. With every hunt, Kevin "Swerve" Gibson leaves a mark on the world of turkey hunting and inspires others to join the pursuit.

18feathers pro staff

Turner Huddleston

Turner Huddleston's lifelong passion for turkey hunting began in his youth. He grew up in the woods, learning the art of patience and the thrill of the chase. As an adult, he's become a seasoned hunter, conservation advocate, and mentor to the next generation of turkey hunters. Turner's journey showcases the enduring allure of the great outdoors and the bonds formed with nature. Turner's passion for the wild turkey has lead him around the country chasing them in over half of the 49 states.

18feathers pro staff

Dent Stallworth

Dent Stallworth is a dedicated outdoorsman on the cusp of an extraordinary achievement: completing the US Super Slam, a monumental hunting feat that entails harvesting a turkey in all 49 states. With only one state left to conquer, Dent's relentless pursuit and unwavering commitment to conservation stands as a testament to his passion for the wild turkey. Follow his remarkable journey with 18feathers as he sets his sights on his final state, leaving a lasting legacy of dedication, respect for nature, and a love for turkey hunting.

18feathers Pro Staff

Brooks Henry

Brooks Henry, on a mission to make history as the youngest person ever to complete the US Super Slam. His passion for hunting and love for turkeys is inspiring a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Follow his remarkable journey with 18feathers as he breaks records and sets an example for young hunters everywhere.